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aloliia 13 hours ago
CARD (0)
motezi 2 days ago
quiz (1)
what is the most dangerous diesease? guys.
yashkumar 7 days ago
Zee5 (0)
: http://zee5.Com
asianfemalejx 11 days ago
what the freak inbox message (0)
From: mk13 Subject: Good im glad u didn't accept my bud request .bu probably a miserable cow anyway 7.11.19 - 01:08am what the fre
bea81 14 days ago
MB (1)
You laid on my naked body and applied your mouth to me without guilt or humiliation. You drove me near crazy while you drained me. When I awoke, you w
skingjr 15 days ago
The royal blog (0)
ibsaayusuf 15 days ago
Ibsaa Yusuf Ahmed (0)
Surahs Surah Fatiha 1:1 Bismi Alla hi a l rrahma ni a l rraheem i 1:2 Alh amdu lilla hi rabbi alAAa lamee
pieter2000 16 days ago
Welcome (0)
Welcome to my Blog
quejack 22 days ago
JMA (0)
Hi to all
bossfam6 22 days ago
Hey (0)
Hello everyone I''m new on here if u want to know more HMU.
nomer29 1 month 3 days ago
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Pls. Search/follow me Angelo Nomer Ravis and kindly like my updates on my FB account.
brandoncoleman 1 month 7 days ago
Just Me (0)
hi I'm Brandon. I'm cool.gif,lovely and always happy.gif fireworks.gif fireworks.gif omg.gif
w22baqai 1 month 7 days ago
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7 Oct Start Day
valdinho 1 month 8 days ago
The Essence Of Smile (1)
its very good to smile. let me tell u when ever u face difficult situations just try to use smiles. smiles can quench a burning fire. smile means a lo
1devil1 1 month 9 days ago
Oi oi (0)
Ello fellow fcknuggets just thought I'd scribble something here lol
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