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riitta 3 days ago
blogging (0)
hmmm whats blog is suppost to have in...........gimme me clue buds
yasiem 6 days ago
superstition (0)
how do you rid yourself of badluck and break curses
athar123 21 days ago
I will love you (0)
Loving you is all i want welcome to my heart!!!!!
pretha122 23 days ago
Hello (0)
I need a white man that is ready for true relationship and to be honest trustworthy respectful gentle with me
skbaharulislam 24 days ago
Love (0)
Lovely friends
yasinsakib 24 days ago
Happy Happy Happy (0)
I'm Very Happy. The Previous Thursday I Had Finished My Exam. I Have Become Free For 1 Year. Yahooooooo! Hurryyyyyyy!
belzan 25 days ago
I'm ba-ack (0)
Who missed me? psycho.gif
jay.kumar 1 month ago
anujkhan 1 month 3 days ago
Diwali : Festival of Lights (0)
May Almighty enlighten us with good knowledge of love , Brotherhood and Peace instead of Dark. 07-11-2018 , ASSAM , INDIA
island876 1 month 3 days ago
The Jail Bird (0)
The light beamed through the barred window so high. And landed softly with feathers of warmth on my cheek... Its been days, weeks, months, years
kalumbamwelalupupa 1 month 3 days ago
Pwu (0)
bootyhunter 1 month 5 days ago
Hot chat (0)
Any female wana chat
esteenso 1 month 8 days ago
Gethealthy team, for all your health tips (0)
Catch us on and get to know us Also on facebook@ Thanks for your[
jithus 1 month 11 days ago
LoVE (0)
What is love ?
muhammadshohanur 1 month 13 days ago
rajarbagh shareef (0)
Saiyidul Aiyad Shareef mubarak ho zindabad
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