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blank Angel-not
ask n i will tell (if i want to lol)
jim580 James Hannah
52/M USA
I'm just a nice and caring person, my Name is James Malcolm Hannah
bcl70 bcl70
45/M wva
steveo28 steveo28
30/M wouldnt you like to
country boy
blank -saber-
41/M N.Ireland
Im 6ft2 Short dark brown hair. Strong build. Broad shoulders
peta peta
27/F New York City
Feet covered in cut flowers..
obi_jon obi_jon
40/M The East Yorkshire Peoples Front
Jedi. Use the farce.
blank ndowd1
54/M Minnesota
john514 John Hannah
55/M Hamilton
I'm a nice guy. I know im ugly but i have a big heart . im a very caring person
faheem19 Faheem Giri
20/M India
People laugh coz im different, i laugh coz they r all the same.
theb theb
69/M west country
majhi Amuluya Kumar
18/M USA
richusa Rich L
52/M Wisconsin
blonde short hair,blue eyes,slender build & up for some laughs
blank dsm515
36/M Iowa
idk :-)
jane34 jane34
33/F usa
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