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blank ndowd1
54/M Minnesota
john514 John Hannah
50/M Hamilton
I'm a nice guy
jim580 James Hannah
51/M Cincinnati, USA
My name is James Malcolm Hannah, I'm a nice person
theb theb
69/M west country
bcl70 bcl70
45/M wva
xxsjwxx xxsjwxx
43/F Wmids
rocbaby2 rocbaby2
27/F Dominica
I'm here to make friends, we all are equal, God made us all
blank fuz786
33/F Durban South Africa
lildude5 lildude5
27/M pontiac illinois
looking for new FRIENDS AND OLD ONES
njlucky5 njlucky5
48/M USA
blank blueking1740
19/M USA
blank sunshinexx
36/F USA
ronani MohamedFrancis Bangura
22/M USA
blank mitchycait
30/F Texas United States of America
It's gentle, calm and nice girl looking for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage
blank paibok
30/M winnipeg
Striving to be popular.
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