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blank jane34
33/F usa
sandy1966 sandy1966
51/M USA
john514 John Hannah
50/M Hamilton
I'm a nice guy
sobers4l sobers4l
31/M Dominica Canada
Cute,loving,romantic an... shy
blank sndp
25/M Punjab
Gud boy
blank crazy jaja
25/F philippines
blank grneye9
27/F USA
not looking for a guy
theb theb
69/M west country
nomi89 nomi89
26/M Mianwali Pakistan
M cool guy want decent chat
blank ndowd1
54/M Minnesota
ochiguy ochiguy
blank newanfitria
31/F Indonesia
blank steveo28
30/M wouldnt you like to
country boy
blank male010
29/M aruba
Friendly and easy to talk to..
faheem19 Faheem Giri
20/M India
People laugh coz im different, i laugh coz they r all the same.
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