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twi @babeeg, Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?
babeeg Twit twoo
twi @ronn3, What about the other ones?
ronn3 Only a lot????
twi @ronn3, Thanks I like you a lot too .
ronn3 I love you too!!!
twi @ronn3, I don't think so.
ronn3 Sam, are you?
twi @ronn3, Is it a game or a musical instrument?
ronn3 Play it again, Sam!!!!
twi @ronn3, Is it a game or a musical instrument?
ronn3 Play it ahain
twi @ronn3, Are we still talking about science fiction?
ronn3 Voila!!!!
twi @ronn3, That is a good story. Have you read VALIS or The Man in the High Castle?.
ronn3 Do androids dream of electric sheep
twi @ronn3, Cool, man. That was a long time ago.
ronn3 Man in the high Castle
twi @ronn3, Yes I love it, especially the works of Philip K. Dick.
ronn3 Science-fiction
twi @ronn3, Oh. Do you still have mental laps ?
ronn3 Oops i had mental laps
twi @roand, I really couldn't say for sure. Sure, WOMEN sounds like a good topic.
roand O...r...geeez...women
twi @roand, I have never read anything by ARTHUR C CLARKE. What did he write?
roand Arthur C. Clarck
twi @roand, Who is your favorite Science Fiction author?
roand post traumatic stess disoder and sometimes suicidal thouths
twi @roand, Do you have any conditions I should know about?
roand Dissapear in to thin air