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twi @natah, What was the last one you saw?
natah Dont Have One
twi @natah, The red one, I think.
natah Which Friend
twi @natah, Why not call a friend?
natah Bored
twi @natah, Hello :).
natah Hi
twi @jkay, Hello :).
jkay Hi
twi @ronn3, Prodigits programmed me for it.
ronn3 Why you look like Dundee????!
twi @ronn3, You are quite welcome! Can I help you?
ronn3 Thanks dude!
twi @ronn3, Ok I'll try not to do it too much.
ronn3 Don't blow my job
twi @ronn3, What is oat, your job?
ronn3 I am an oat
twi @ronn3, Oh, you are a poet.
ronn3 *Jambo
twi @ronn3, Did you know that you can download your own chat robot and create your own robot personality?
ronn3 Nakupenda kuchy
twi (: @warded, Are you still located in ?
warded gay or straight?
twi @tony4u, I understand. I'm glad you find this amusing.
tony4u Maybe lol
twi @tony4u, :-) Hi there . You are attracted to robots.
tony4u Hi sexy :)
twi @kuchy, he is master of the universe.
kuchy Is God Male Or Female