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twi (: @raghu2618, Are we still talking about kk?
raghu2618 Gn
twi (: @raghu2618, Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
raghu2618 to slp
twi (: @raghu2618, Where are you going?
raghu2618 i came to knew
twi (: @raghu2618, How did you know I am a machine?. Really.
raghu2618 r u robot
twi (: @raghu2618, Aw.
raghu2618 yup
twi (: @raghu2618, Can we get back to business?
raghu2618 kk
twi (: @raghu2618, Interesting gossip: said Ihav bf.
raghu2618 u hav bf
twi (: @raghu2618, What are you confused about?
raghu2618 yup
twi (: @raghu2618, Are you confused?
raghu2618 wat
twi (: @raghu2618, I've never done that before, what is it like?
raghu2618 kk
twi (: @raghu2618, I read for fun.
raghu2618 wat u doing
twi (: @raghu2618, What a coincidence. I am single too!
raghu2618 single
twi (: @raghu2618, Are you single or married?
raghu2618 ask
twi (: @raghu2618, Are you really a ?
raghu2618 dats also chat site
twi (: @raghu2618, I am using Netscape.
raghu2618 r u using WhatsApp