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9362 6 hours 19 minutes
(new) Scotland's drug death shame [30]
Named today as the worst place for drugs deaths in the eu. Nearly 1,200 last year. Three times as many as England. Why is it so bad and what is the Sc
9362 2 days
(new) Rugby world cup 2019 [55]
Still a few weeks to go but who do you think will win, views on the teams selected etc etc
9362 2 days
(new) Pc Andrew harper r.i.p [20]
So in the last week we've read about a pc getting attacked by a thug with a machete. Another one getting run over by a car. Now this brave policeman h
9362 6 days
(new) Dumb, stupid parents [35]
A family has sent the RNLI a demand for 7pounds to cover the cost of a lilo damaged during a rescue mission to save their child. The rescue mission co
9362 11 days
(new) International Cat day [16]
So today is the above mentioned day. Of course cats think everyday is their day and that their so called owners are their slaves. So who on here has g

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9362 4 hours 13 minutes
@ 9362 - 20.08.19 - 07:35pm If you think Kim's a r*tard then there is no hope for me. He's a far better de
9362 4 hours 13 minutes
@ newt182 - 20.08.19 - 06:29pm r*tard alertIf you think Kim's a r*tard then there is no hope
9362 1 minute
Charles Bradley as well
9362 4 hours 37 minutes
@ bozzalad - 20.08.19 - 05:37pm And it causes division.. In essence Just continuing obamas work</di
9362 1 minute
@ birdy - 20.08.19 - 11:40am No sir. lolIt's all good birdy...... Midnight oil's singer had a

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ogdenz 9 days
(new) Fame! [53]
Would you like to be famous? Say on a level like Noel Gallagher or someone similar.
jiggyxx 25 days
(new) Hello? [52]
Anyone still here I know? I am the genuine jiggyx.gif but can't get back into my old account!
geordiequeen30 June 2019
(new) love island [28]
Who actually watches that crap
crimson June 2019
(new) Strange happenings [68]
Some weird, unexplained things have been going on in my house. My daughter's lunchbox got raided during the night. I heard something going on i
9362 June 2019
(new) 75 years on [22]
Finding it incredibly moving watching images of all the D-day veterans in Normandy. All well over 90 now. Many now in Wheelchairs but all so incredibl

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