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sassy27 September 2018
(new) Dream / Reality? If only.. [21]
What's the best dream you've had in recent times.. One where you wish to the moon and back it wasn't a dream..? daydream.gif
sassy27 September 2018
(new) The absolute weirdest food combo you've had / see [19]
So people have a tendency to mix unusual food.. and actually ENJOY them! Even though in your perspective the particular combo may cause a tummy ache..
sassy27 September 2018
(new) Sweet tooth. [52]
Your favourite snack or candy .. The one thing you indulge in a little or... A whole damn lot.. munching.gif
sassy27 September 2018
(new) Super powers!!! [53]
If you could have any super power imaginable... What would it be and why??? wizard.gif
sassy27 September 2018

* Replies:
sassy27 October 2018
Alllllll the time.. They're so much better than the ones in reality tbh
sassy27 March 2019
sassy27 14 minutes
sassy27 19 hours
ED SHEERANS.. PERFECT.. (official music video..)
sassy27 October 2018
manicure.gif.. A nail..

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mikeymk September 2018
peta September 2018
(new) Netflix and Chill. [84]
So tonight its Vodka and I, she likes staying up and watching with me. Good company. We talk bout it too. Well I talk and she listens then licks my hand or face. My second favorite person to Netflix with. Tonight we are in series - I Am A Kil

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