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sassy27 September 2018
(new) Dream / Reality? If only.. [21]
What's the best dream you've had in recent times.. One where you wish to the moon and back it wasn't a dream..? daydream.gif
sassy27 September 2018
(new) The absolute weirdest food combo you've had / see [19]
So people have a tendency to mix unusual food.. and actually ENJOY them! Even though in your perspective the particular combo may cause a tummy ache..
sassy27 September 2018
(new) Sweet tooth. [52]
Your favourite snack or candy .. The one thing you indulge in a little or... A whole damn lot.. munching.gif
sassy27 September 2018
(new) Super powers!!! [53]
If you could have any super power imaginable... What would it be and why??? wizard.gif
sassy27 September 2018

* Replies:
sassy27 October 2018
Alllllll the time.. They're so much better than the ones in reality tbh
sassy27 March 2019
sassy27 14 hours
sassy27 4 hours 36 minutes
ED SHEERANS.. PERFECT.. (official music video..)
sassy27 October 2018
manicure.gif.. A nail..

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mikeymk September 2018
peta September 2018
(new) Netflix and Chill. [84]
So tonight its Vodka and I, she likes staying up and watching with me. Good company. We talk bout it too. Well I talk and she listens then licks my hand or face. My second favorite person to Netflix with. Tonight we are in series - I Am A Kil

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