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sisfreak2017 July 2019
(new) In 128 days [96]
Its Christmas watch time fly
sisfreak2017 June 2019
(new) What do you like to be told ? [17]
Hopefully there all nice things. I'm not continuing this any further than to say hello to - Sof dreamy.gif . Your turn
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) Idioms [63]
Add your Idioms and their meaning: For those not familiar with the term idiom . Idioms are often used n every speech
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) Chat Bin [68]
Get in now all visiting Chat members ! now.gif. . nana.gif
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) MY Hacked Account Again! [146]
Obviously someone has been having fun again with my account! , Just like on Thursday when they changed my password for a few hours, then strange

* Replies:
sisfreak2017 6 hours 29 minutes
Two of those 146 LED solar security lights....We have Have loads of similar larger more expensive ones at the stables. Hopefully these attractively priced ones are going to be simi
sisfreak2017 7 hours 48 minutes
Don't we all like getting our oats?
sisfreak2017 7 hours 49 minutes
Iphone time Noris.
sisfreak2017 7 hours 48 minutes
Those little sh*ts still pecking the foil tops in winter. Yes some people still get those glass bottles deliveries. Remember when everyone had it delivered to doorstep.
sisfreak2017 14 hours
@ kipling - 19.08.19 - 05:56pm But that may kill youDon't worry ! I'll save the hemlock for y

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xivanax 24 days
(new) Saturdaze (2)
Wotcha uptae on this gawjus saturday?
eyesore 30 days
(new) Song stuck in head [32]
I can hear this song in my head , kinda like something faithless or sash would do , from that era. It hasn't any, any ideas ?
dan27notts 1 day 12 hours
(new) Left Wing Kryptonite [465]
Muslim mums protest outsid 27 days
(new) what u watching [126]
right now on tv no matter where in the world you are????
sensible 3 days
(new) Depressing weather [832]
It's siling it down here rainy.gif no point even attempting to do my hair. What's weather like where yous are?

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