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sisfreak2017 9 days
(new) What do you like to be told ? [17]
Hopefully there all nice things. I'm not continuing this any further than to say hello to - Sof dreamy.gif . Your turn
sisfreak2017 20 days
(new) Idioms [63]
Add your Idioms and their meaning: For those not familiar with the term idiom . Idioms are often used n every speech
sisfreak2017 22 days
(new) Chat Bin [68]
Get in now all visiting Chat members ! now.gif. . nana.gif
sisfreak2017 23 days
(new) In 128 days [93]
Its Christmas watch time fly
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) MY Hacked Account Again! [146]
Obviously someone has been having fun again with my account! , Just like on Thursday when they changed my password for a few hours, then strange

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sisfreak2017 2 hours 49 minutes
@ gammyknee - 16.06.19 - 10:46pm I spent my 21st birthday in Buxton. I don't remember eating any chips (th
sisfreak2017 3 hours 32 minutes
Had mushroom soup.
sisfreak2017 2 hours 49 minutes
Rarely have chips, but when do I prefer oven chips . Remember having some chips fried in beef dripping years ago at a chip shop in buxton. Very
sisfreak2017 16 minutes
sisfreak2017 1 hour 27 minutes
I haven't had either in 12 months. If pushed it would be tea.

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bingo450 May 2019
(new) Prodigits [18]
What is so good about Prodigits
9362 May 2019
(new) Castor Semenya [103]
So the iaaf has ruled that she has to take drugs to reduce her testosterone levels in order that she can still complete in Athletics events. Is this r
slwnoris April 2019
(new) murder maps. (6)
I've just been watching an episode about the London Police killing of 1966,this involves 3 police officers being shot dead, they were sentenced to lif
ladibud April 2019
(new) DUI of Hotcross buns.. [61]
anyone see this video? a traffic officer from here showed how when eating a hot cross bun, the breathalyser (?) shows you to be under the influence.
9362 19 days
(new) Extinction rebellion [181]
So for 3 days now this bunch of left wing hippy morons and their deluded followers have caused chaos in London by blocking bridges and glueing themsel

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