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tazdevil 14 days
(new) What will people say? [36]
The sentence 'what will people say' has broken so many hearts and crushed so many dreams. Did you ever have to hide/change/destroy something about you
tazdevil April 2019
(new) Bestie at work? [48]
Guys, I'm wondering if it's okay to develop close personal friendships with your co-workers? So a new girl joined our office most recently, and
tazdevil March 2019
(new) LinkedIn [15]
Just signed in to LinkedIn. I'm confused? How does it work? Why did I do it? Lots of why, why, whys?
tazdevil March 2019
(new) Creep on metro rubbed his **** on me [54]
It happened to me today. Ugh, what a lovely day it was! No offence to anyone, but older men are creepy and perverted. Really loathing them right now l
tazdevil February 2019
(new) In today's episode of Sid's negative friend [53]
Guys, remember that 'negative friend' I posted about last time? Well, she is psychotic. She has a victim mentality. For several days, she kept

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tazdevil 1 hour 17 minutes
I just saw a weird sticker on the back of a car that said 'don't smile silly, you'll fall in love' and I'm genuinely smiling for the first time today.
tazdevil 1 hour 17 minutes
@ tazdevil - 1.06.19 - 09:30pm That Geordie UK guy wishes to meet me again. He texted me saying 'my d*ck r
tazdevil 3 days
I watched Detective Naani last night, and I still can't stop thinking about it. I honestly think my favourite movie recently might be Detective Naani.
tazdevil 1 hour 17 minutes
I'm drenched in sweat. Sweating like a piggy hot.gif
tazdevil 1 hour 17 minutes
The power just went out, and I'm sweating my balls off. If you're sitting in an air-conditioned room right now, cherish that sh*t.

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