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warded 15 hours
(new) HUAWEI alert! (6)
redalert Google has stopped providing updates for all Huawei Phones.
warded 1 day 16 hours
(new) EU guy said ... [18]
That Huawei phones and devices can potentially be used by China to spy on the users world wide.
gr8guy78 4 days
(new) Phone unlock (2)
I need to send my phone off for repair, and I've got an Alcatel A3 XL that I can use as a spare, but it's locked to Tesco. Tesco said they can do it f
mike7610 6 days
(new) Galaxy s7 edge [11]
Hi. Can someone pls help me? I have s7 edge with android 8.0, not routed. When i open a picture using my files it opens in hp smart. How can i change
femsmurf 12 days
(new) Choosing A Smartphone (2)
I am in need of getting a new phone to replace my current one (iPhone 5s) which of these would you choose/which is best of these? if none of these whi
banbury 14 days
(new) Galaxy Note 5 in the UK (10)
I bought a used Note 5 which is in as new condition. its a N920T which I believe is from T-mobile USA. its currently running Android 6.01. I know the
polo_011 20 days
(new) Huawei Mate 20 Pro [112]
Huawei have finally unveiled the Mate 20 Pro with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, 4200mAh battery, First Android 7nm SoC the Kirin980, Android 9.0 Pie
polo_011 25 days
(new) Huawei P30 Pro [11]
Just got my unit for review and it is an absolute pleasure of a device. Just a run-down of the specs: 6.47inch 1080P Plus OLED Display, Kirin980 CPU w
spunkydj 26 days
(new) Microsoft app Vs Google apps (5)
Which is better I heard points on both sides
spunkydj April 2019
(new) Galaxy s4 [15]
What are these like as just bought one cheap
adnan.x April 2019
(new) Moto G4 Plus (3)
Hello! I have Motorola Moto G4 Plus. I bought it from Saudi Arabia. I am an Indian, currently I am in India. I have been kept an Indian SIM in this ph
ezgoing66 March 2019
(new) Any pixel users? (2)
Can u do split screen?
tee4mac March 2019
(new) battery (4)
are there any high-end devices in 2019 with user replaceable batteries im having a problem buying non-user replaceable battery devices. still using my
mike7610 March 2019
(new) Call recorder google restriction (6)
From 01.03.2019 all call recorder app will not make connection to the phonebook. Unnown caller name and phone number will apear on the all app of call
aldebaren February 2019
(new) Android Phone with physical keypad? (6)
I have a galaxy y pro with keypad but its not updatable from 2.3. Id like a similar candybar phone with physical keypad. Not the large ones like black

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