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3mel 2 hours 13 minutes
(new) The Asus ROG phone 2 (0)
Republic of Gaming Phone 2 this is seems to be an absolute beast with many of the highest specs for any phone anywhere right now. [i][b
amdyabou 17 hours
(new) Programmation HTML PHP CSS (1)
Bonjour comment reduire et agrandi les tailes des images si l'utilisateur change de device Ordinateur ou Mobile
amdyabou 1 day 2 hours
(new) Code pour android [27]
Bonsoir, je veux quelques codes pour android. Merci
spunkydj 7 days
(new) Chrome vs opera (7)
Which do you prefer out of the 2 of them me myself I prefer opera
banbury 19 days
(new) Rapid charging [14] Actuall
polo_011 21 days
(new) Huawei Mate 20 Pro [113]
Huawei have finally unveiled the Mate 20 Pro with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, 4200mAh battery, First Android 7nm SoC the Kirin980, Android 9.0 Pie
warded 21 days
(new) HUAWEI alert! [16]
redalert Google has stopped providing updates for all Huawei Phones.
banbury 25 days
(new) Galaxy S10 5G [15]
Just got this phone great bit of kit and good display rather than mind blowing. while a display may look better on paper I have found that doesnt alw
3mel June 2019
(new) PocketNow 5G Tests Chicago (1)
the title pretty much covers it, but this isn't a full city wide roll out yet. st
polo_011 June 2019
(new) Huawei P30 Pro [14]
Just got my unit for review and it is an absolute pleasure of a device. Just a run-down of the specs: 6.47inch 1080P Plus OLED Display, Kirin980 CPU w
irishsteve June 2019
(new) How 2 Heck someone's phone with out touching it. [17]
Hi guys is it possible 2 heck in2 my womans phone 4 free. I think that she's cheating on me. She wont let me in her phone 2 read her normal messages,s
amdyabou June 2019 May 2019
(new) Whatsapp data on SD card (2)
Good day Is it just me, or did Whatsapp provide an option, to save it's data on the sd-card? I can't find it now. Greetings
warded May 2019
(new) EU guy said ... [18]
That Huawei phones and devices can potentially be used by China to spy on the users world wide.
gr8guy78 May 2019
(new) Phone unlock (2)
I need to send my phone off for repair, and I've got an Alcatel A3 XL that I can use as a spare, but it's locked to Tesco. Tesco said they can do it f

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