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polo_011 1 day 19 hours
(new) Huawei Mate 20 Pro [117]
Huawei have finally unveiled the Mate 20 Pro with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, 4200mAh battery, First Android 7nm SoC the Kirin980, Android 9.0 Pie
warded 7 days
(new) HUAWEI alert! [19]
redalert Google has stopped providing updates for all Huawei Phones.
3mel 14 days
(new) PocketNow 5G Tests Chicago (2)
the title pretty much covers it, but this isn't a full city wide roll out yet. st
banbury 14 days
(new) Galaxy S10 5G on EE in UK (7)
Anyone comment on 5G speeds obtained on this phone? on any network? this article claims the phone tops out at 550mbps on EE yet the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G a
teddig 20 days
(new) all system apps crash one after the other? [18]
im using a P20 pro and recently it went mental, when i turn it on it behaves normal for about 50 secs maybe 1 minute, then i get all the unfortunetly
4eyes October 2019
(new) Slot 1 Permanently locked (3)
Got 2 16 digit numbers from Tesco mobile to unlock my Acatel U5 , but it caused it to become permanently locked. Searched all over the internet but n
banbury October 2019
(new) Exynos VS Kirin 980 processor [25]
Exynos 9810 VS Kirin 980 any opinions on this?
crail October 2019
(new) Note 10 review [85]
Seems a bit sh*t. 6/10 October 2019
(new) Undelete-tool (2)
Good day.Does anyone know about a good undelete-tool, for Android?Tx
banbury October 2019
(new) Galaxy Note 5 in the UK [13]
I bought a used Note 5 which is in as new condition. its a N920T which I believe is from T-mobile USA. its currently running Android 6.01. I know the
kulldemo September 2019
flash September 2019
(new) S Voice [17]
S voice Which version of s voice is best. help
spunkydj August 2019
(new) Chrome vs opera (10)
Which do you prefer out of the 2 of them me myself I prefer opera
mac4tee August 2019
(new) Screen (3)
my device display is somehow flickering on the screen funny part is this happens only during the day especially when im outside. during the night the
sianxw August 2019
(new) Android 9 (7)
Does any1 gave problems with apps closing on the new update?

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