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3mel 28 days
(new) Motorola and Samsung concept phones [13]
seen a couple of video renderings made by outside design houses and submitted to the respective OEMs for flip android phones with folding 4K screens.[
3mel August 2018
(new) the end of android ? (3)
it seems the aspect of android that's liked the most by many developers and users isn't that popular with google, being opened sourced. google
3mel July 2018
(new) how to stop 3rd party gmail access (0)
a short video on google's new roll out of 3rd party access permission which technically gives 3rd parties the ability to read write and delete your em
3mel July 2018
(new) VPN users beware [13]
I was doing a little research the other day on VPN's for android and I happened across this page that I thought would be good to share. people that ba
3mel May 2018

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3mel 5 days
sorry, I had a quick look at the Huawei optimise app on youtube and I don't understand it either
3mel 5 days
3mel 5 days
to be fair they went out of business about 30 years ago
3mel 18 days
it's androids device security policy and the kernel aka the brain of the OS.
3mel 18 days
it would be near impossible for a malicious firmware push via official protocols. you sure it wasn't an instant apps update ? either way note d

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3mel February 2018
adeeb222 January 2018
polo_011 October 2017
(new) Samsung DeX (2)
Got mine with TouchPro Bluetooth keyboard. I am truly impressed, Microsoft Excel,Word and PowerPoint are fully optimised for it and it looks great on

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