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alvar89 February 2018
(new) Nokia Android [12]
The nokia 3, 5 and 6 along with the rumored beast 8 and 9 are supposed to be launching this month worldwide chin.gif Looking for a new phone and seems l
alvar89 October 2017
(new) Samsung Galaxy S8 [41]
Is it really a good phone or laggy and fragile like some say? How is the battery holding up? Im in a rush for a new phone and have the s8 and Sony zx
alvar89 March 2017
(new) Nokia Android [20]
There here!! Nokia 6 and 8 happy.gif
alvar89 June 2016
(new) Galaxy Care (0)
It covers water damage and screen damage for 1 year but not camera glass lol. My s6 camera glass broke in my pocket and they said im out of warranty d
alvar89 October 2015
(new) Z5 or S6 [47]
In need of a new phone fast! Which one is better overall? Upgrading from lg g3.

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alvar89 October 2017
Seems like samsung is already lazy on the firmware updates. I hope they don't drop support soo early. Still on android 7.0 when some phones already ru
alvar89 October 2017
Had a massive blow against the ground the other day screen side took the impact. I thought now its cracked for sure as i dont have a protector only a
alvar89 February 2018
@ hunter32 - 9.09.17 - 11:55am Got the Nokia 5 Happy
alvar89 February 2018
@ polo_011 - 28.08.17 - 09:37am pmpl2.gif how the hell did that happen!!!???Long hours on video
alvar89 February 2018
Only annoying part with samsung i have right now is burned pixels. Im paranoid about them after my s6 got it in a few months of use lol.gif My s6 has my

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