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knormoer August 2018
(new) Samsung vs hauwei [30]
What is your experience with hauwei ? I had a samsung A5. The guy from the shop says hauwei is waaaayyyyy better then samsung. Both is android. He wan
knormoer January 2018
(new) SD Card just vanish [20]
SD card just disappear then after restart it is back. Tried it with another SD card and same issue. So I figure it must be phone. Maybe it is after la
knormoer June 2017
(new) Help,Galaxy S3, GT19300 (4)
my wifes phone is stuck on the logo menu. sister gave it to her few years back and it had cyanogenmod on it. probably will get a new one, but what can
knormoer September 2016
(new) mc affee plugin ? (9)
Think i might hav a mc affee plugin in my default browser. How do i remove it ? If it is that at all. When entering facebook from my browser it re rou

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knormoer August 2018
No , he said the p10 is better then a5 or a5 follow up. Or other samsung phones . ''You cant use hauwei in the same sentence as samsung'' he said... '
knormoer January 2018
Hahaha. . . Ok,talking about old nokia.. i had led lights attached to phone that flashed whenever it picked up signal. Think it was supposed to enhanc
knormoer January 2018
Thanks for all the replies. This not a problem anymore.. phone was stolen from me. Now i have borrowed phone that frustrate me on lots of levels ! ,,,
knormoer January 2018
Wow. It lasted the night, but normally it doesn't show in storage then after a restart it show again. I did error check on card in Windows after for
knormoer January 2018
Tried Google b4 I asked here and now with this included not much different result (mmb29k.a510fxxu4bqd1) Sigh. Some sites suggests phone might need

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