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sianxw 9 days
(new) Huwai p8 lite 2017 (1)
When I go into optimise my phone it doesn't reach 100 anymore and it settings it say prohibit +10 am confused, have taken pictures of it
banbury 10 days
(new) Snapdragon 425 vs mediatek 8735a [14]
Yes I know both are low end socs but does anybody have any idea which one performs the best? Or are they both simular? cos iam struggling with this on
banbury 23 days
(new) Galaxy S5 In UK (6)
I usually have updates set to manual so I can see what the update is first but it seems I had accidentally set this phone to auto. but does anybody kn
banbury 27 days
(new) Adreno 308 vs mali t720mp2 (7)
Looking for a cheap smartphone with large display for work. Narrowed it down to three: Alcatel A3 XL, Alcatel V3 or Motorola E5 Plus. The only thing t
reigns14 27 days
(new) To use Lte only won't let (7)
Samsung galaxy s5 wont let me set it to use 4g only mode I can'nt root I don't have pc is their some other way I tried star hash star hash 4636 hash s
banbury 28 days
FAO anyone with this phone. Ive just experianced some major reception issues with this handset on three. Signal strength frequently dropping to zero r
banbury 28 days
(new) Galaxy Note 9 [17]
Tried searching the forum and surprised nobody is discussing the Note 9 which Samsung will officially announce next month. I was wondering if its like
palmhot August 2018
(new) Master copy of phones (3)
Dear expert now a days many Korean made master copies of phones are available in the market with very low price,which copy phone is better to use sums
3mel August 2018
(new) Motorola and Samsung concept phones [13]
seen a couple of video renderings made by outside design houses and submitted to the respective OEMs for flip android phones with folding 4K screens.[
knormoer August 2018
(new) Samsung vs hauwei [30]
What is your experience with hauwei ? I had a samsung A5. The guy from the shop says hauwei is waaaayyyyy better then samsung. Both is android. He wan
flash August 2018
(new) TIPS and TRICK [57]
My first post here and I will tell you what I discover since I have my first android phone. To restart your phone you press and hold the power key for
3mel August 2018
(new) the end of android ? (3)
it seems the aspect of android that's liked the most by many developers and users isn't that popular with google, being opened sourced. google
spunkydj August 2018
(new) Microsoft app Vs Google apps (3)
Which is better I heard points on both sides
macadocaleboulai July 2018
(new) Je T'aime (3)
je t'aime bb ta beaut me rande fous j'ai trop envie de toi faite moi confiance les jaloux von ce fais soufrie
mac4tee July 2018
(new) my Android stuck on edge (gsm) (confused) (7)
am using a dual sim android for some reason it i don't know 2day. its been on 2g network even if i changed it to 4g or H+ i tried everything .cleari

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