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3mel 23 minutes
(new) Motorola and Samsung concept phones (4)
seen a couple of video renderings made by outside design houses and submitted to the respective OEMs for flip android phones with folding 4K screens.[
knormoer 4 days
(new) Samsung vs hauwei [16]
What is your experience with hauwei ? I had a samsung A5. The guy from the shop says hauwei is waaaayyyyy better then samsung. Both is android. He wan
amdyabou 12 days
(new) Code pour android [26]
Bonsoir, je veux quelques codes pour android. Merci
amdyabou 19 days
(new) All android (2)
Hi, how to reset a android ?
jidebl 20 days
(new) 4g band (7)
please I want to know if it is possible to unlock several band to make my Lenovo A 7600 work on 3g and 4g , the phone is 4lte but always show 2.5g de
spunkydj 25 days
(new) amazon fire phone (6)
What are these like
3mel February 2018
starlive February 2018
(new) Gionee m5 (2)
Hi roomies, does any one has the link for gionee m5 stock ROM, I have downloaded the Indian version but it sucks as they kept deducting someone's mone
alvar89 February 2018
(new) Nokia Android [12]
The nokia 3, 5 and 6 along with the rumored beast 8 and 9 are supposed to be launching this month worldwide chin.gif Looking for a new phone and seems l
spunkydj February 2018
(new) android (10)
would not have another one as hate touch screens and all the permissions they need to spy on you
tazdevil January 2018
(new) Storage full [12]
My phone: Storage is full. Me: *deletes 15,345 photos, 2,356 videos and uninstalls 13 apps* My phone: Storage is full. There's literally
0gypsy0 January 2018
(new) Bad news [19]
I've been using the AI type keyboard years ago on my old phone, a sSamsung with android kitkat,deleted it, the end. 2 months ago or so I signe
spunkydj January 2018
(new) Priv [16]
What is the blackberry priv like as getting one bought for my birthday in 2weeks
biggzzz January 2018
(new) HTTP INJECTOR [15]
how to get free pay load for http injector
knormoer January 2018
(new) SD Card just vanish [20]
SD card just disappear then after restart it is back. Tried it with another SD card and same issue. So I figure it must be phone. Maybe it is after la

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