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wald0 May 2019
(new) What car [37]
Do you daily and weekend? For me it's the gf''s tsi Leon mk2 an a mk2 mx5 1.6 yes hairdressers car but deadly cool wee cars lol

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wald0 May 2019
So been a while only found I had other replys sorry folks my bad an who's this di ck think he is lol clearly hasn't a car worth talking about if at al
wald0 May 2019
@ o..o - 1.11.16 - 06:07am yeah,class...don't have any of that, But what I do have is enough intelligen
wald0 May 2019
Braxtonx not a bad way to spend 27k+ me an my Mrs both want one lol tho bit pricey this point in time Haha mok214 that sounds cool why firebug
wald0 May 2019
Not bad not bad guys beetle is very nice choice mok214 also love American pick ups but really expensive in the UK
wald0 March 2017
Yes drifting is a great motorsport in my opinion. Steer from the rear ;)

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