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owoh 9 hours 27 minutes
tazdevil 19 hours
(new) How do I get a date? (5)
Guys, I don't know how to date someone anymore. I've been single for over 2 or 3 years now, and I've realized I know nothing about dating anymore. I j
alveera 1 day 17 hours
(new) first crush [66]
do you remember your first crush ? How old u were at that time? Think of this and close your eyes you will find his/her face now ?
lucky13 2 days
(new) Gay/Bi/Les/Transgender Dating Post [69]
If you are any of the above then write your name here and make yourself known to the world of prodigitsreading
slago 3 days
(new) bye bye baby (9)
What's the best way to break up with your loved one? love
tasti2 4 days
(new) Wow [12]
Anyone still here
reallyu 4 days
(new) single, genuine man [28]
hi, am a single mum, christian, humble, loving, honest, trustworthy woman looking for a real man wit similar traits...leave ur reply here or inbox me.
catw0m4n 5 days
(new) have u ever? [34]
had feelings for more than one man/woman at the same time inlovewats ure views?
king397 7 days
(new) why do women... [44]
... Say they would want to be with someone who would treat them like a lady and is a real gentleman but in reality when a good guy approaches them the
kera26 10 days
(new) name ur hot buds with pictures! [39]
do you have a bud with hot pictures?? name them here for us all to enjoy!
sxyj0j0 13 days
(new) **single sign up here** [29]
If Ur single sighn up here :-)
sarahkae 14 days
(new) what kinda.. [29]
.. male or female are you into advices naughty/nice good/bad
firexice 16 days
(new) would you... [85]
meet someone from here for a drink...if you'd only chatted with them for a day or so?
mzeeweh 28 days
(new) Expectations in dating (9)
Ladies and gentleman if you are going to date someone be it online or in person make sure you know each others expectations, know your boundaries and
natah 28 days
(new) Virgin [28]
Is it normal to still be a virgin at 25

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