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sephiroth 7 days
wildhart1982 8 days
(new) Death Stranding (1)
Anyone played this yet? Seems retry divisive, personally I love this game goes FULL KOJIMA but in a good way
manchesr 9 days
(new) What are you playing pinned [6026]
What are you playing and on what platform?
saher02 9 days
(new) lets ply a ludo (2)
plz stop cheap and nonsence games right now. . .
warded 10 days
(new) Mario Kart 7 Online (6)
Yeah. The servers are still up and running and there seems to be enough players to fill out races. good
cerberus611 12 days
warded 16 days
(new) Diablo IV (0)
redalert.gif Coming to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. TBA 2020
cerberus611 19 days
noxvill 30 days
(new) Zelda : Link's Awakening (7)
The best game in the Legend of Zelda series
warded October 2019
(new) Dragon Quest XI S (0)
The demo is pretty lenghty. Also the game is the biggest one since VIII. redalert
j.s.1983 October 2019
(new) Dragon Quest 6 DS (9)
Should have it this week. Should be good.
runestar October 2019
(new) Dragon Quest IX [13]
Since forums have been purged again we have to restart most of the topics tomato_pelt
warded October 2019
(new) Dragon Quest VII (3DS) (2)
waiting.gif Here's to hoping Square-Enix actually delivers. shout2.gif
annika19 September 2019
(new) Forbidden siren [21]
Has anyone heard or played this game before?Im playing it on ps2,but i dnt know if its been on other consoles..Its kinda like resident evil outbreak f
cerberus611 September 2019
(new) How Many Games Do You Buy In A Year On Average? (1)
Repost.gif For me I'd say about 60 (including digital).

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