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warded 9 days
(new) Mario Kart 7 Online (6)
Yeah. The servers are still up and running and there seems to be enough players to fill out races. good
warded 15 days
(new) Diablo IV (0)
redalert.gif Coming to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. TBA 2020
warded October 2019
(new) Dragon Quest XI S (0)
The demo is pretty lenghty. Also the game is the biggest one since VIII. redalert
warded October 2019
(new) Dragon Quest VII (3DS) (2)
waiting.gif Here's to hoping Square-Enix actually delivers. shout2.gif
warded April 2019
(new) Mortal Kombat Anniversary ! (4)
25 Years Ago (October 8, 1992) Arcade Game: Mortal Kombat beat.gif

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warded 8 days
Or are you referring to them freemium / pay to win games? chin
warded 9 days
Seen people with a score of 1 too which is also an impossible number. ''Normal'' scores are within 1000 and 3000.
warded 9 days
There was a hacker online today. Spammed Bob-ombs and Blue Shells like no tomorrow. It was actually kinda amusing race. rocketlauncher Also s
warded 8 days
They ain't that cheap tho. what
warded 29 days
Might retry the game in hero mode. fit

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manchesr 8 days
(new) What are you playing pinned [6026]
What are you playing and on what platform?

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