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guillium July 2019
(new) Nier Automata (9)
If you haven't, try the demo... one of the best game demos I have EVER played. Still playing Horizon Zero Dawn, but after the demo I couldn't resist p
dani87 July 2019
(new) Final Fantasy Forum pinned [907]
Any of u people out there who want to keep a forum totally dedicated for the absolute fab final fantasy-series? Then join this,and help me! :) if u ha
saher02 June 2019
(new) KEY OF MIND is called a GAME (1)
Sometimes u win the GAME but you GAIN nothing except Trophy... and sometimes u lose the GAME but u GAiN how to stand alone in the difficult ways of li
enryu June 2019
(new) lara croft game [20]
i sure i heard there a game called lara croft and the guardian or something like that which is a fixed 3d camera platform view point game and u have a
4juice May 2019
(new) FIFA Ultimate Team (6)
Welcome to FUT
sibz86 May 2019
(new) Grid 2 free (0)
On steam right now
adeeb222 May 2019
(new) Ps4 maxed out? (6)
Well rumours are floating in air and some specs too.. so thought of coming back here to discuss ps4.. you think its maxed out already? And if ps5 supp
wildhart May 2019
(new) Days Gone (8)
Anyone picking this up tomorrow? I think it looks pretty awesome even if it is yetanother zombie game
sir_kas May 2019
(new) ps3/psv/psp/pc/3ds/wii [18]
All dead, now i don't own any of them anymore, getting 360 in October, the actual proper gaming machine... Yes majority 360 fanboys have gone from h
slick_01 May 2019
(new) Sexiest Game Character [27]
Now some games have really created some really sexy chick characters...which was the sexiest character and in which game was it?
rock_r April 2019
(new) Help should I get a 3DS or a Wii U? [14]
Hi i am currently thinking of going Nintendo and am just wondering which system is the better console of the two. Should I get a 3DS (cos of the 3D ef
enryu April 2019
(new) how much a wii worth (10)
hey the black wii console with 2 games and the extra sports pack and extra classic controller. im sure i heard the white wii is worth about 55 pounds
all_seei April 2019
(new) Nintendo wii (9)
Hey guys, what games are good for the Nintendo pi*s? Thinking of getting one. Is mario kart 7 as good as mario kart 64? Is zelda as good as the one fo
crail April 2019
(new) PS5 (7)
Next year tea.gif
spunkydj April 2019
(new) Mortal Kombat 11 (1)
who is getting it when its released

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