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missmobi January 2019
(new) iphone4s software updates (7)
Im using a 4s i didt update the ios 9 id read lots of bugs not many happy with it , iv got the ios 9.0.2 im thinking download it im unsure best fast

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missmobi January 2019
I ad mine 4s in the box wen not using i changed the battery id done bfor i put it back in box then i got connect to itunes on screen , I did take it a
missmobi January 2019
My screen is blank the guy sed he wiped it he told me after hed done it ,Some1 wants buy it but how can i tell im unsure my password its bin reset so
missmobi January 2019
It got stuck on that connect to itunes after a battery change i took a shop near me i got it back now i cant even get it on connect to itunes the guy
missmobi January 2019
my iphone 6 the screen is blank but i can ear a text n it rings any idea wot it can be or price to fix ?
missmobi November 2018
Iv changed the battery on my 4s its saying connect 2 itunes its not showing up only iphone 6 but bfor both showed on how can i get it back on using

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banbury November 2019
(new) iPHONE 6 [30]
iam aware the iphone 6 does have a larger 4.7 inch display over the 5S, but does anybody know its configuration, as in whether its just a taller panel
swiss68 June 2014
(new) Airblue sharing (8)
Hi guys, I installed and bought Airblue Sharing from cydia on my iPhone 5 but it never detects any other devices via bluetooth. It doesn't seem to wor
dogtech July 2018
(new) Youtube downloader [11]
Can anyone suggest a youtube downloader on the App Store? I can't find one, so hope someone can help.
netter August 2018
(new) Wifi disconnects (8)
It disconnects almost every half an hour sometimes within 15 minutes ...cant be an iphone issue i guess coz my friends iphone behaved in a similar man
rascott October 2015
(new) iphone5 / ipad (2)
can i used huawei e5330 / e5331 router to connect to canon mg2940 printer to print stuff from my ipad/ iphone5

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