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netter August 2018
(new) Garage band free [16]
And slow on iphone 4
netter August 2018
(new) Wifi disconnects (8)
It disconnects almost every half an hour sometimes within 15 minutes ...cant be an iphone issue i guess coz my friends iphone behaved in a similar man
netter August 2018
(new) Ebooks and audiobooks for iphone (3)
I have started working on improving my life and one of the things that i have made must is to read self help , business and finance books. I mostly bu
netter June 2015
(new) Is it true? (7)
When it comes to iphones, always go for S
netter June 2014
(new) Bbm on ios and droid [13]
Hope its better than watsapp

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netter August 2018
@ dtwillia - 3.04.12 - 07:32am Stratboy is the prodigits troll. Ignore himLol
netter August 2018
netter August 2018
Get a life
netter August 2018
If its in warranty they should replace it free
netter August 2018
U sure ur mic is fine ?

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