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tazdevil 8 hours 44 minutes
(new) Send suggestions y'all (1)
I'm downloading songs to my new phone. I've been at it for about an hour, and have downloaded only one song so far. F*ck nudes, send me your playlist!
emski 1 day 7 hours
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [39923]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
warded 2 days
(new) Rhapsody (1)
Their latest album Zero Gravity is pretty weak facepalm They were best before changing their
metalb0y 6 days
(new) Music Websites (10)
So what sites are you using to find new music? ATM I am using MusicLeakster. Post your favorite sites :D
eskimoto 13 days
(new) Chinese Democracy [17]
opinions on the long awaited guns n roses album plz or as others call it axels solo project because the other original band members aint in it! person
bandalot 16 days
(new) METALICA (2)
Metalica are the best heavy metal band tae come out of the states they are by far my fave along with brit heavy metal band Ironmaiden
1owlcity August 2019
(new) Philippine Music Scene [351]
From classic to new rock, soul, ballad, pop, rnb, hiphop, EDM, folk, jazz (Just post Pinoy songs composed in English)
ff7xgirl August 2019
(new) Metal screaming (1)
Anyone practice?
ff7xgirl August 2019
(new) Evuleitie (1)
Anyone? sh*t. Meant Eluveitie. Damn phone.
slwnoris August 2019
(new) blackstar riders (1)
New cd September 6th.
slwnoris August 2019
(new) blackstar riders (1)
New cd September 6th.
mshippy July 2019
(new) Ghost (7)
Any1 else like this band only started listening to them a few weeks ago 1 of the best new hard rock metal bands I reckon
destry July 2019
(new) Chris Cornell [28]
Any fans around?
scouselad21 July 2019
(new) Parlotones (1)
Any fans?
slwnoris June 2019
(new) magnum. (3)
Al Barrow has left the band, now for the good news the new album with be released early in the new year.

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