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sxyj0j0 10 days
(new) wants new buds [31]
Wants new buds apply within lol
jameslee1982 10 days
(new) New friends (2)
Who's about as I'm looking New friends. Comment below
joybags 15 days
(new) New Last letter game pinned [13032]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure August 2019
(new) Groups on pro game. pinned [133]'/>Hi. Do u have a group and u wod lyk more ppl 2 join it, sign here wth yor group name and a brief de
toddster August 2019
(new) .:FOR ALL NEWBIES:. pinned [81]
Are you new to prodigits? And need help with any function of prodigits then please inbox me i reply to all messages . . Also welcome and come take a l
sarahx19 August 2019
(new) Hellloooooo [14]
Hi new to thiz. X
chrsylyn August 2019
(new) hi (9)
y is it hard to fine a good man these day?nw a days a thief mudera homo an bisexual an cult worshiper an suicidal out there y.
saher02 July 2019
(new) dont sy i m positve show it (2)
Always find a new positve way to help and undrstand the ppl. dont say be positive show them to be positve...
sassy27 June 2019
(new) Welcome! Bienvenido (2)
If you're new.. Just give a brief description.. Sit down put your feet up.. Raid the minibar and if you must sext.. Use protection! Puleeeezz
iroc1 May 2019
(new) Oldie [12]
Havent been on digits in a long time... Didnt even know the site was still in existance. Need some new buds. Mine have disappeared. Lol.
frutcake April 2019
(new) Middle bit... pinned [7321]
Yep that tis be where im from...
jameslee1982 April 2019
(new) Looking new friends (0)
Hey everyone I'm looking for new friends . Inbox or bud me
slimx81 February 2019
(new) Kinda new (0)
Ain't been here for a while, not sure if anyone i knew back then is here, probably not haha it was 2007...
chickadoo February 2019
(new) hi how are you (2)
anyone else think this is a boring way to introduce yourself to a stranger? I'd like to receive a message from someone with a personality now please.
nidhi21 January 2019

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