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nidhi21 4 days
blondebae26 27 days
(new) Lol (0)
Sxyjojo got his mojo
blondebae26 27 days
sxyj0j0 27 days
(new) wants new buds [32]
Wants new buds apply within lol
chickadoo 27 days
(new) hi how are you (1)
anyone else think this is a boring way to introduce yourself to a stranger? I'd like to receive a message from someone with a personality now please.
saher02 2019
(new) 1st see then speak (2)
If a man see with deep thinking, evrything of the world is showing that there is only one Lord who hv Created all this ManKind.....
sarahx19 2019
(new) Hellloooooo (9)
Hi new to thiz. X
saher02 November 2018
(new) gud ppl (3)
gud campny show us a gud way of life.
sxyj0j0 November 2018
(new) Old skool (10)
Any old skool here that remember me? :-)
saher02 October 2018
(new) Care urself (3)
Dont show each and everythng of ur life to people even to ur frnds bcoz friends are also ppl. . .
sassy27 September 2018
(new) Welcome! Bienvenido (1)
If you're new.. Just give a brief description.. Sit down put your feet up.. Raid the minibar and if you must sext.. Use protection! Puleeeezz
frutcake September 2018
(new) Middle bit... pinned [7320]
Yep that tis be where im from...
lipstickle September 2018
(new) ANOTHER newbie!. [11]
Just saying hello x
natas September 2018
(new) Old but new member (3)
This place seems pretty dead these days but I used to be a member but over the years I forgot my log in details so if you fancy a chat come say hello
yunwa September 2018
(new) New bie (6)
Any one be came my friend here

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