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tracey41 2 days
(new) *Poetry Corner* [497]
A place to rhyme and dine with friends and wine...A mix of new n old buds who wanna natter and clatter the keys to convey a message to each other. Gra
iroc1 3 days
(new) Oldie (6)
Havent been on digits in a long time... Didnt even know the site was still in existance. Need some new buds. Mine have disappeared. Lol.
whina 8 days
(new) Newbies....just to meet new one here. (6)
I am new here i want a true friendship..Anyone!i want a person who has a sense of humor,kind and sweet..not 2 naughty 1
frutcake 8 days
(new) Middle bit... pinned [7318]
Yep that tis be where im from...
lipstickle 9 days
(new) ANOTHER newbie!. (6)
Just saying hello x
deepthideepu 11 days
(new) Hello friends [26]
Hey iam new here. I need a good friends
joybags 11 days
(new) New Last letter game pinned [13010]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure
makin123 11 days
(new) Hi (1)
I'm old but new here gum
toddster 18 days
(new) .:FOR ALL NEWBIES:. pinned [79]
Are you new to prodigits? And need help with any function of prodigits then please inbox me i reply to all messages . . Also welcome and come take a l
reebok32 May 2018
(new) Clipart game pinned [2546]
Same idea as last letter just use a clip starting wit last letter ov previous clip. Rage rage
tracey51 May 2018
(new) Me again!!! (7)
Not got a clue how long it's been but I've come back to haunt the hallways...if anyone remembers me feel free to add me x
zipil May 2018
quietbry May 2018 May 2018
(new) Groups on pro game. pinned [132]'/>Hi. Do u have a group and u wod lyk more ppl 2 join it, sign here wth yor group name and a brief de
wellnever May 2018
(new) Babwoy1 (0)
Who remembers him

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