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abubakarkhaan00 10 days
spunkydj April 2018
(new) why are (6)
all the good phones touch screen as keypad is to small for my fingers
saxobeat January 2018
(new) Your first Phone [35]
Which was your first Phone and which one do you have now?
luda20 January 2018
(new) huawei free unlock (3)
Can some1 help me unlock my huawei phone inbox me asap if u know how
olukoyamodesayo November 2017
(new) Memory card (1)
My memory card is not working on my tecno opera
jay1971 October 2017
(new) 10 free credit giffgaff (0)
order your giffgaff simcard on line today and activate before 31/10/17 and get 10 extra credit free, order before 4.30pm to get next day. http://sim
hottt38 May 2017
(new) mobile phone support, unlocking and repairs suppor (1)
having issues wih FRP, samsung reactivation locks, dead phones, stuck on logo, unlocking codes, some services are free some cant be.
1andy1 May 2017
(new) google pixel (3)
im thinking of getting this, does anyone have any reason why i shouldnt?
lisasere May 2017
(new) htc m8 mini 2 camera (3)
My camera has stopped working anybody esle had this problem and know. How too fix it please xx
mandeme May 2017
(new) Suggestion [16]
Hi! Pls which affordable phone that has 3g, supports whatsapp, browses well on apps like opera, that is also symbian that i can BUY?,, pls ur suggest
yashh85 September 2016
(new) Motorola s the best (10)
2thumbsup! Yeah the bst thn other phone!
obi_jon August 2016
(new) Pay as you go. (5)
I get free data, calls and txts for topping up each month but here's the thing, all the 'free' stuff easily see's me through the month and my credit j
pryerlee July 2016
(new) Free SMS for UK (4) truly free as I've tested it by texting my own number, try it happy.gif
sianxw June 2016
(new) Best phone (4)
Don't want to spend loads but want a half decent 1
richeet June 2016
(new) 02 pay as you go (2)
has anybody else had problems with 02 gprs not working since thursday

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