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banbury September 2015
(new) Cortana Uk availability (5)
ive heard the virtual voice assistant thats already available in the U.S will be available in the U.K today for existing handsets can anyone confirm t
banbury March 2015
(new) Windows 10 [14]
the windows phone name will be dropped and all existing phones with win phone 8 and 8.1 will get a free upgrade this year to windows 10 according to m
banbury October 2014
(new) BBC iplayer (2)
having a constant issue with iplayer, freezes sometimes for a fraction of a second but then resumes, tried it on EE in the UK and three, both same pro
banbury October 2013
(new) WINDOWS PHONE 7 AND 8 (10)
microsoft official statement: support for WP8 will end in july 2014. WP7.8 support will end september 2014. what a short life cycle? and odd that supp
banbury March 2013
(new) WINDOWS PHONE 7.8 [19]
this update is meant to be coming for most wp7.0 handsets, but I find that after searching this forum nobody seems to be discussing it which surprises

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banbury 13 days
no I know what you mean
banbury 13 days
banbury 13 days
mind you acccording to a tech mag I was reading the other day Windows 8.1 and 10 mobile are both very secure platforms,**(even though 8.1 support has
banbury 13 days
at least that gives the remaining users of the few that there are, a bit more breathing space. mind you sometimes I think security threats on mobile d
banbury 23 days
december 2019 now for security updates

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