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slwnoris < 1 minute
(new) DWP the true face of [35]
These nasty people, being a bar stard has to be in there job description, dwp official submitted papers to a claiments benefits tribunal where they de
1clivey1 33 minutes
(new) Trump/usa pinned [990]
Old post slow.....trumps kim talks end abruptly...
9362 44 minutes
(new) British Steel [34]
In danger of going into administration. Screwed by the venture capitalists who took it over a year ago and have since charged 20 million in management
trunking 47 minutes
(new) Word Association pinned [2480]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
mynameiswho 57 minutes
(new) Travel time? [14]
Here is a suitcase, look cool. For men
phallica 1 hour 6 minutes
(new) Thoughts 16 pinned [714]
Old thread is glacial, continue here please.
slwnoris 1 hour 11 minutes
(new) tin lead solder [12]
Does anyone here use this? I've had one hell of a job ordering some.
cybergho 1 hour 14 minutes
(new) is abortion wrong or right? [581]
please just share your thought no more trouble
kipling 2 hours 9 minutes
(new) Do u have a lethal weapon ? (9)
Trump as the ability to light the touchpaper with aid of a button, some may have the ability to do damage with their own trump's , some may have the a
xivanax 2 hours 27 minutes
(new) Last supper/meal [37]
Its your last meal. What do you order?
birdy 2 hours 39 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [95]
New one, for speed's sake. Go! music.gif
sisfreak2017 3 hours 57 minutes
(new) Idioms [50]
Add your Idioms and their meaning: For those not familiar with the term idiom . Idioms are often used n every speech
phillwin 4 hours
(new) Throwing away old course work [11]
That I did on windows 95 or should I keep it
mok214 4 hours 6 minutes
(new) Tornado Outbreak [390]
eek multiple tornadoes on the ground right now in Oklahoma . Damage and deaths in the Oklahoma Cit
slwnoris 9 hours 17 minutes
(new) Michael haseltine (6)
Says he going to vote lib dem on Thursday.

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