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dodgey 1 minute
(new) Name a song (4)
Name a song that will never get old for you.
eyesore 8 minutes
(new) James Watson [189]
Your opinion of this man?
1clivey1 24 minutes
(new) trump/politics cont.... pinned [3545]
last slowed down so.....
slwnoris 58 minutes
(new) the Duke of Edinburgh [168]
Been in a crash in his range or land rover, it overturned, he said to be OK but was badly shaken, he was driving himself.
iilmadme 1 hour 33 minutes
(new) new gillette ad [47]
Is causing some controversy.what do you think?
trunking 1 hour 38 minutes
(new) Word Association pinned [1617]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
sourface 1 hour 53 minutes
(new) Thoughts 14.0 pinned [1631]
Other one was slow and was asked to repost....Go.
birdy 2 hours 17 minutes
(new) Poetry. pinned [1113]
Do you like it? I'd like to hear (well, read) some, if anyone has any they like, or wrote themselves. Any kind.
sisfreak2017 3 hours 20 minutes
(new) Dinner 1.1 pinned [706]
Seeing as the other pinned topics 20.4k replies and making Android phones meltnana.gif. please lock that and pin this onethank_you.gif[b
slwnoris 3 hours 21 minutes
(new) masazo nonaka world's oldest man [14]
Has passed away peacefully in his sleep at 113 years of age in Japan, may he have a restful well earned peace.
newt182 3 hours 42 minutes
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [1368]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
r3ckless 5 hours 50 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [4781]
seems the other one is fuucked so here is the new 1 music.gif ice cube - wicked!
9362 6 hours 21 minutes
(new) Justice in Singapore [35]
A British man has been sentenced to receive the cane 24 times for drug offences in Singapore. His family say the punishment doesn't fit the crime. I t
straxus 6 hours 32 minutes
(new) NFL [295]
Fan of it?
ladibud 12 hours 48 minutes
(new) Time Out [19]
Just laughed at my sister in law. Apparently Facebook has blocked her for a few hours citing the reason that she was online too much... have never he

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