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mikeymk September 2019
(new) Pleasant surprise! [22]
Had any nice surprises lately? I'm not sure i remember them as much as i'd like. Even the little things. A little thing happened today but it
mikeymk September 2019
(new) Brand names for your kids [53]
Ugh, not another Sarah/Paul/insert-common-name-here, let's call it.. Pepsi Max. Or Apple. You just know Gweneth was behind that one. Mercedes.
mikeymk August 2019
(new) Printed tee shirts [27]
Patterns, logos, symbolisms, there are all manner of prints for clothing such as tees - do you wear them? I only ever wore patterned shirts and
mikeymk July 2019
(new) Lunch box [34]
Got a lunch box? Munching.gif I don't think I've had one since school. I don't take much to work, or elsewhere for that matter, but I could do with one in the fridge atm. I don't just wa
mikeymk May 2019
(new) Editing old films for correctness [19]
So future editions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are being edited to make the chocolate bars look smaller.. And this got me thinking - what wou

* Replies:
mikeymk 1 hour 29 minutes
Sat in the hairdresser's. Some bird just asked me what cut would make her look pretty. I said a power cut. I don't think she was impressed.
mikeymk 1 hour 29 minutes
@ newt182 - 8.12.19 - 02:44pm PFI deals (introduced by the tories) in 1997-2010 because Labour didn't borr
mikeymk 1 hour 29 minutes
@ slwnoris - 8.12.19 - 09:21am How many states are there in the United States of America? 51? No 50?, it w
mikeymk 1 hour 29 minutes
@ newt182 - 8.12.19 - 09:07am I forgot you lot don't like facts. Source for the 4 billion in rent
mikeymk 1 hour 29 minutes
@ slwnoris - 8.12.19 - 08:49am Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid an interview with Andrew Neil.

* Favourites:
1bad_boy November 2019
(new) Legalization of pot [58]
Was official across canada yesterday, you for it or against it? I dont smoke it but think it was a good idea
mynameiswho June 2019
1clivey1 July 2018
(new) thoughts 12.0 pinned [3280]
New post as the other one is sloooow.for many
peta July 2018
(new) WANDERLUST [199]
So, yeah- Im kinda big on traveling. For me its a thrill to go to another place and totally immerse myself in the culture and live a week or two like
sensible July 2018
(new) Father's day! [39]
What do yous get yours? I've done something a little bit different this year and created the old boy a boomf box. Instead of a card it's a little cube

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