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shadow27 10 days
(new) Mixup v 4.5 pinned [293]
Labour MP announces all pregnant women will be jailed for Christmas repost.gif
shadow27 13 days
(new) Encounter with nature [31]
My in-laws were in a small boat out near their holiday house and spotted a 30 foot whale right next to them. What was your most memorable encounter wi
shadow27 16 days
(new) Medical song lyric [31]
Alter a song lyric to relate to some sort of disease or medical condition. This must be just like living with parasites rap.gif An
shadow27 October 2019
(new) Write a song lyric (3)
This is where Prodigitarians write the next big hit.
shadow27 October 2019

* Replies:
shadow27 2 hours 37 minutes
The banter between my sister and my nephew laugh3.gif ''Boomer!'' ''White colonizer!'' ''Fossil!''
shadow27 2 hours 37 minutes
I just had a Salty Gaytime what.gif Not what it sounds like, not at all.
shadow27 6 hours 3 minutes
Being pro EU is about perpetuating the Euro master race.. I'm amazed, but not at all surprised somehow.
shadow27 6 hours 3 minutes
@ cleancut - 13.11.19 - 11:54pm The economics of remaining in the EU isn't why I personally voted to remai
shadow27 6 hours 3 minutes
@ obi_jon - 13.11.19 - 07:17pm 'big player' laugh3.gif being played more like it....

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birdy 4 hours 29 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [1190]
New one, for speed's sake. Go! music.gif
miaiad September 2019
(new) Isle of Man [29]
Why was Britain unable to combine it to the UK? Chin.gif
geordiequeen30 June 2019
mrfruity April 2019
(new) Thoought I'd [11]
Brave a fart on M6 this morning.Needless t'say it was a wet un.Looks like it gunna be one of them Wiks by looks on it..Shop ay open yet t'get me relie
newt182 June 2019
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [2433]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif

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