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3mel 21 days
(new) Do modern mobile phones give off more radiation... (8)
...than we've been lead to believe ? Lew of unbox therapy discusses Apple and Samsung being sued just days after the Chicago Tribune published the results of their own testing. also the FCC standards,
3mel July 2019
(new) THIS SHOULDN'T BE REAL... [79]
but it is! got anything you wanna share that really shouldn't exist as a thing in a serious way but does ? example: a movie starring Gar
3mel April 2019
(new) DATURA: The Most Insane Drug Ever [122]
I've been doing a lot youtube viewing on this plant (also known as Jimsom weed) after a video came up in my recommend section. almost every testimonial or drug report describes this as a drug from hel
3mel March 2019
(new) what? ...WTF is Monkey Dust? [59]
I thought this was a skit at first, even checked the publishing date to see if it was Sky News doing an April fools gag... apparently not [b][i
3mel November 2018
(new) How to get a WAR started [28]
comedians watch a clip of speaker at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies openly talking about what's needed for America to start a war with

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3mel 1 hour 54 minutes
congrats piggle
3mel 17 hours
was just thinking about that England Scotland goal
3mel 17 hours
@ tranie - 14.10.19 - 06:28pm I doubt he will get stuck down for it. In the grand scheme of things trying
3mel 1 hour 45 minutes
@ sourface - 14.10.19 - 05:08pm I have tools and drill I just cant do flat pack sh*te I havnt got the pati
3mel 1 hour 54 minutes
what are you on about ? the only controlling factor in obtaining private healthcare here is the ability to pay.

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1clivey1 1 day 18 hours
(new) uk politics cont... pinned [296]
Old one slowing down......
1clivey1 August 2019
(new) garden solars [25]
do you have many lights? ours light up the street lol
sephiroth 1 hour 55 minutes
(new) Thoughts 17 pinned [1411]
The one-and-only, the never-ending, the all-encompassing, the reincarnated Thoughts topic. Feel free.. wave.gif as the other has reached its u
1clivey1 18 hours
(new) trump/usa.. pinned [2214]
Old one slowing up again,so here we go....
mynameiswho June 2019
(new) Madonna [29]
Sing a song for mee please

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