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9362 3 hours 13 minutes
(new) Land expropriation in sa? [1384]
Did I read this right? Did the Government pass a motion by the eff last night starting a process to enable this? Horrible idea. Yes, it was wrong in t
9362 12 hours 18 minutes
(new) Rugby world cup 2019 [85]
Still a few weeks to go but who do you think will win, views on the teams selected etc etc
9362 5 days
(new) Aleisha mc phail [44]
16yr old boy found guilty of the abduction, r*pe and murder of 6yr old Aleisha. Hope he gets a long sentence... R.i.p poor girl
9362 7 days
(new) Extinction rebellion [221]
So for 3 days now this bunch of left wing hippy morons and their deluded followers have caused chaos in London by blocking bridges and glueing themsel
9362 9 days
(new) Chester williams [11]
Shocked to hear that he's died aged only 49.Great for South Africa in the 1995 world cup. Another one gone too soon

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9362 14 hours
Nice workout for the patriots... Hold on, it was a real game, thought it was the miami practice squad... Patriots 43 Dolphins 0
9362 4 hours 53 minutes
Zombie by Bad wolves
9362 39 minutes
Really sorry to hear that, thoughts and sympathy with you
9362 4 days
@ 1bad_boy - 11.09.19 - 12:21am One hit wonders.. A-ha 'Take On Me'Dexy's Midnight Runners 'Come On E
9362 4 days
@ tranie - 10.09.19 - 11:02pm Been to a bar In harrods wasn't a pub more wine bar type thing. There's a d

* Favourites:
ogdenz August 2019
(new) Fame! [53]
Would you like to be famous? Say on a level like Noel Gallagher or someone similar.
jiggyxx July 2019
(new) Hello? [52]
Anyone still here I know? I am the genuine jiggyx.gif but can't get back into my old account!
geordiequeen30 June 2019
(new) love island [28]
Who actually watches that crap
crimson June 2019
(new) Strange happenings [68]
Some weird, unexplained things have been going on in my house. My daughter's lunchbox got raided during the night. I heard something going on i
9362 June 2019
(new) 75 years on [22]
Finding it incredibly moving watching images of all the D-day veterans in Normandy. All well over 90 now. Many now in Wheelchairs but all so incredibl

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