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bambi99 January 2019
(new) Laura Plummer [125]
Smuggled drugs into Egypt ..I'm tired of all the boo hoo in the news [link]
bambi99 January 2019
bambi99 October 2018
(new) Katie Hopkins is a slime ball [524]
Im the new Jesus, Katie Hopkins tells church conference
bambi99 August 2018
(new) In other news today ... [55]
Have you seen any wtf news in your patch that makes you go wtf ? (Politics aside )
bambi99 July 2018
(new) My name is Sophia [117]
And I'm a citizen of Saudi Arabia ... And I'm a robot omg.gif

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bambi99 27 days
Dan may be up for a tandem dunno.gif
bambi99 27 days
bambi99 1 minute
@ obi_jon - 23.07.19 - 02:26pm I've heard it said that, if this were to happen then it would technically b
bambi99 1 minute
@ kimjongl - 23.07.19 - 05:09pm If he intervened then it would be 'Trump helps UK and expects them to join
bambi99 1 minute

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sourface October 2018
9362 22 days
(new) Land expropriation in sa? [1343]
Did I read this right? Did the Government pass a motion by the eff last night starting a process to enable this? Horrible idea. Yes, it was wrong in t
musho77 June 2018
school shooting near in texas, breaking news not sure how many dead
kipling May 2018
minimum April 2018
(new) one should hv kids [35]
Or not? Is it many do u hv?

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