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bozzalad August 2019
(new) tesco [52]
A DEDICATED Tesco worker who had worked for the supermarket for 17 years killed himself after he was sacked for chasing a shoplifter, an inquest heard
bozzalad August 2019
(new) Four out of five [25]
Four out of five paedophiles caught with chilld p0rn escaped jail last year, Ministry of Justice figures reveal Total of 2,967 perverts cau
bozzalad July 2019
(new) living in the dark [14]
A cure for blindness: Father, 35, who suddenly lost his sight aged nine is among six patients to have their vision restored by pioneering treatment th
bozzalad July 2019
(new) Blinded in acid attack (3)
Hope for people blinded in acid attacks as a 'revolutionary' study aims to reverse damage to the eye using stem cells Tissue-softening enzy
bozzalad June 2019
(new) Rotherham abuse [119]
Rotherham Council's cabinet is to resign as soon as transitional arrangements can be put in place, after a damning report into the authority found it

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bozzalad 4 hours 10 minutes
@ phallica - 18.09.19 - 07:42pm [link]According to TTSA's analysis, the aircraft appears to be oval shaped with no obvious wings or tails. Authors note that at the same range, wings on a cruise missile woul
bozzalad 1 hour 11 minutes
@ obi_jon - 19.09.19 - 09:53am
bozzalad 2 hours 22 minutes
@ slwnoris - 19.09.19 - 09:14am Well David Cameron has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Boris J
bozzalad 1 hour 11 minutes
US Democratic donor Ed Buck is 'officially a suspect in the deaths of two men who overdosed in his apartment' - as he is arrested for running a drug d
bozzalad 1 hour 11 minutes
@ obi_jon - 18.09.19 - 04:43pm [link]Yet more of those GOP 'family values' on display.:

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trunking 1 hour 23 minutes
(new) Word Association pinned [3664]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
slwnoris August 2019
(new) alien files unsealed. [43]
So aliens could be trying to kill as off, forest fire are happening more often, bees are dying out, this could well be a way to wipe as out. Without t
eyesore July 2019
(new) Song stuck in head [32]
I can hear this song in my head , kinda like something faithless or sash would do , from that era. It hasn't any, any ideas ?
scuzzy28 July 2019
(new) Nhs [189]
Doctors vote to stop charging overseas patients for their treatment at NHS hospitals... so so wrong considering a hospital turned away an elderly lady
tasti2 June 2019

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