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crail January 2016
(new) Thoughts 7.1 [14286]
Post your thoughts here. No admin wants to make this post anymore because it's bad luck or something
crail May 2015
(new) best e-cigarette [226]
i want to step up from pre filled cartomizers to the refillable ones but my head is spinning from all the options! any hardc*re e smokers here
crail May 2014

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crail 5 hours 28 minutes
Toothpaste doesn't work on garlic. It's in your blood. Gross smell yuk.gif I had two cloves in spaghetti bolognese today and I was more than aware of my
crail 5 hours 28 minutes
I pity your missus!
crail 5 hours 28 minutes
Jesus christ of Nazareth
crail 5 hours 28 minutes
@ sisfreak2017 - 16.10.19 - 04:23am 2 bulbs yesterday, grated into mayonnaise. Was hot as fk.
crail 2 hours 14 minutes
@ trashy - 15.10.19 - 08:43pm I suspect it did the opposite. Imagine that slimy toad coming at you. Would

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miaiad September 2019
(new) Local Proverb [30]
What proverb from your local culture you think applicable on how your own life is going?
slwnoris August 2019
(new) the rainforest in Brazil. [58]
Is still burning after 3days so they said, no wonder it been hot the last few days, the world's lungs are going up in smoke, I feel sorry for all the
slwnoris August 2019
(new) best time to goto prison? [63]
I think October and for at least 10 months, you serve half out in March just it time for the start of warmer weather.
9362 August 2019
(new) South African trophykilling [22]
Read an article today where hunters from countries including England went there and paid thousands of pounds to kill lions often bred in captivity and
phallica June 2019
(new) Thoughts 16 [1747]
Old thread is glacial, continue here please.

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