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crimson 9 days
(new) Assisted Suicide [50]
A while ago someone sent me an article about a 17 year old girl who apparently succeeded to get assistance to die. She wasn't terminally ill, but suff
crimson June 2019
(new) Wheelchairs [13]
Is anyone here a wheelchair user? Or has anyone used a wheelchair for a couple of weeks, or longer? Were/are you able to get around on your own using
crimson June 2019
(new) Strange happenings [68]
Some weird, unexplained things have been going on in my house. My daughter's lunchbox got raided during the night. I heard something going on i

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crimson 53 minutes
I'm still here.
crimson 4 days
Ugh, he's a fu*king idiot.
crimson 4 days
@ crail - 10.09.19 - 11:27pm Oh sh*t I didn't spot that was you!No worries :)
crimson 53 minutes
He didn't bi**h at all, surprisingly... I think I've bi**hed enough though, nobody wants to hear about someone being sick over and over.
crimson 4 days
@ crail - 10.09.19 - 09:30pm You live in a very big house with one bedroom?No, xivanax said s

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