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deusexmachina June 2019
(new) Return to Order (7)
20,000 people petitioned Netflix to cancel Good Omens. The adaptation of the book by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett and the thank fu*k he is still
deusexmachina June 2019
(new) The band t shirt [72]
So had a brief chat with a lass last night wearing a Slayer t shirt. Her favourite song was Reigner of Death, apparently. So why would on earth would
deusexmachina May 2019
(new) After dinner speakers [37]
So we have all probably had to sit through these on numerous occasions and they range from the horrendous to brilliant. Who are the best ones you have
deusexmachina February 2019
(new) Gordon Banks (1)
RIP. Beat ya.
deusexmachina October 2018
(new) An Act of God [20]
Is that still a thing in insurance cases for not paying out?

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deusexmachina 8 hours 21 minutes
Do you not think that wirh the shoulder injury, poor scrummaging form and a lack of fitness and dynamism are not sufficient reasons for his exclusion?
deusexmachina 11 hours 14 minutes
Bridget the midget just got arrested for stabbing her boyfriend. Sad times.
deusexmachina 7 hours 27 minutes
Hitler or Eichmann?
deusexmachina 11 hours 14 minutes
TV personality lol.
deusexmachina 8 hours 21 minutes
They got suspicious when he bet a years salary that the Welsh backs would play with absolutely no flair and style.

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sephiroth 6 hours 33 minutes
(new) Thoughts 17 pinned [1057]
The one-and-only, the never-ending, the all-encompassing, the reincarnated Thoughts topic. Feel free.. wave.gif as the other has reached its u
guyver 4 hours 21 minutes
(new) Film Club pinned [2882]
What film are you watching, or planning on watching?
9362 July 2019
(new) Johnny clegg [19]
Passed away aged 66. Great musician. Heard Scatterlings way back in the 80's. Superb song. Veteran Anti-Apartheid campaigner as well. Not easy for a p
ogdenz June 2019
(new) British Values? [304]
What are British Values? Name some you hope people new to Britain realise and live by.
birdy 10 hours 19 minutes
(new) What are you listening to? pinned [845]
New one, for speed's sake. Go! music.gif

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