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dodgey 8 hours 29 minutes
(new) England [87]
Bet they walk off the pitch.
dodgey 20 days
(new) Snus [27]
Anyone else tried this before?
dodgey September 2019
(new) Top Boy [11]
Anyone seen the new series yet? Really good, BAFTA winner that i reckon.
dodgey September 2019
(new) Making medicine [12]
I am feeling congested this evening and a bit run down and went to get a lemsip in the kitchen but thought I would try making a potion, i used lemon j
dodgey September 2019
(new) Tazers [54]
Should they be available to all police now? All serving police should be given the option and new police recruits should be trained to carry them and

* Replies:
dodgey 7 hours 33 minutes
@ eyesore - 20.10.19 - 11:08am Great game I'm supporting Japan in the next oneJapan have been
dodgey 7 hours 33 minutes
@ kipling - 14.10.19 - 09:46pm My quarter final predictions ... Australia beat England .. NZ beat Ireland
dodgey 7 hours 33 minutes
New Zealand didn't win because they were good in that game, they won because Ireland were sh*t. Bring on the Semis. Clapping.gif
dodgey 3 days
Thats very sad, I remember her. She was a good looking woman . RIP
dodgey 8 hours 24 minutes
Cow udder cream is something i use now, especially after shaving.

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1clivey1 1 hour 23 minutes
(new) trump/usa.. pinned [2250]
Old one slowing up again,so here we go....
thomastitus 23 days
(new) Europe calcium buyers [57]
my organization produces calcium carbonate and kaolin powder, smooth and sharp grade. am just scouting for buyers here.
eyesore 17 days
(new) Greta thurnberg [82]
Let the trial begin.. what does the great pro jury think of this one
1clivey1 24 days
(new) riptide [27]
My other halfs 33yr old brother recently drowned in spain caught by a riptide there was no warnings on Beach Of These,It Cost 6.5 Grand To Get His Bod
phillwin September 2019
(new) Cloud's [27]
I just seen pepper pig in the sky

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