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dodgey 1 day 4 hours
(new) Favourite voice [69]
Who to you has the best singing voice? My favourite 2 are now dead, Freddy Mercury, his voice amazes me whenever i hear it, I wish i was a bit older
dodgey 3 days
(new) Owen Jones [59]
Did anyone else laugh at the thought of him being beat up last night? Lol.gif
dodgey 14 days
(new) 1 more day of work (7)
Then I have an all day drinking session for someone from work who retires Friday then on Saturday I'm at the great British beer festival at Olympia, i
dodgey 28 days
(new) Dwarf people [102]
I know it's wrong but we was out earlier and 4 dwarfs walked in and I couldn't help but laugh. They looked like 4 little kids but with massive balloon
dodgey 29 days
(new) Does what you do make you who you are? (7)
i don't know what a home body is but I saw this on my friends fb and i remember being 17 and just finished training and my unit was in Northern Ireland, I couldn't go because dead 17 year olds wouldnt have looked good in th

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dodgey 57 minutes
Do a bit of exercise daily, get a slow cooker and put loads of veg in casseroles etc, cut out processed food, walk instead of drive sometimes, its not
dodgey 2 days
@ tranie - 20.08.19 - 08:05pm going to bruge in december for a few days. Plenty of nice beer to try there
dodgey 4 days
@ ladibud - 19.08.19 - 12:26pm I haven't had Ebola. but I don't eat bats or swap bodily fluid easily....</
dodgey 3 days
I'd rather someone do a proper job on him lol so we don't ever have to see him again
dodgey 1 day 4 hours
Ogdenz, to see Queen live would have been great

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obi_jon 5 days
(new) Would you drink bleach? [34]
Apparently it's good for you now, honestly guvliar.gif [link]
ogdenz 17 days
(new) Ban a song... [54]
Ban a song from your ears ever hearing it again! If you could be hypnotized so that anytime a certain song was playing your ears ceased to functio
geordiequeen30 July 2019
(new) Tea vs Coffee [101]
Interested on your views
phallica June 2019
(new) Thoughts 16 [1747]
Old thread is glacial, continue here please.
mynameiswho June 2019
(new) This picture... [28]
Where is it from?

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