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kipling August 2019
(new) Do you detect bollox well? [81]
So some female turned up on radio 1 stating that her friend had gone on a tinder date at the shard , she turns up 1st and orders what she thinks is a
kipling August 2019
(new) Eye contact (8)
Nature experts have declared that if kebab eating chavs give eye contact to seagulls they're less likely to have to share with the chav like birds (ch
kipling August 2019
(new) Canada make weed legal [82]
They think it will be the same here in the UK in 5 to 10 years ... Your views please ..
kipling July 2019
(new) Grass roots knawed [25]
Its that time ... if your lawn is being peckd at by crows or when u mow your grass and nuffins left but bare ground , beware the chafer , the fl
kipling July 2019
(new) R.i.p Danika Mcguigan (10)
Just 33 , very tragic

* Replies:
kipling 10 hours 38 minutes
@ tranie - 17.09.19 - 09:07pm He will be like the dodge and like it himself I am not up my ow
kipling 10 hours 38 minutes
@ deusexmachina - 17.09.19 - 09:05pm Which absolute fu*king moron keeps liking that spastics replies?<
kipling 10 hours 38 minutes
@ deusexmachina - 17.09.19 - 07:45pm Based on what?Based on information that you know nothing
kipling 10 hours 38 minutes
@ kimjongl - 17.09.19 - 02:05pm Half the 2019 WC side has to be black. Blah blah blah
kipling 10 hours 38 minutes
@ deusexmachina - 17.09.19 - 07:26pm Howley sent home because of alleged gambling improprieties.

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ogdenz July 2016
(new) Hotel and B+B. [78]
I gather it would be illegal for a hotel or a bed and breakfast place to refuse a room to someone based on genderor race?
mrfruity June 2019
(new) IT'S (7)
Heradatory.Appatently dioreah runs in your genes, runs in my jeans
slwnoris May 2019
(new) mental health problems programmes [17]
The BBC are running are all good and well and good. but when are they going to run programmes along with these showing how the current government doct
ogdenz May 2019
(new) Mondegreens? [14]
Do you have any personal mondegreens? There are many famous ones lots of us will know of but do you have any all of your own?
9362 May 2019
(new) Castor Semenya [103]
So the iaaf has ruled that she has to take drugs to reduce her testosterone levels in order that she can still complete in Athletics events. Is this r

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