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ogdenz 2 days
(new) Happy Birthday Bambi. [21]
Hope you have a great day today!
ogdenz 6 days
(new) Don't need but are entitled. [30]
If you didn't need something but were entitled to it (whatever that may be) would you accept it?
ogdenz 8 days
(new) Books,music or tv. [23]
If one of these had to be removed from your life for a year then which one would you choose to lose? I realise you can read,listen to music and wa
ogdenz 9 days
(new) Wasted time worrying? [31]
Ultimately I think worrying is a pointless emotion. We all do it of course. What worries did you have years ago that you now think ''Why the heck d
ogdenz 10 days
(new) Vegan tricked into eating meat. [64]
A vegan woman called the police after her friends tricked her into eating chicken. Apparently she was drunk her friends assured her the meat was actu

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ogdenz 40 minutes
Don't see it as a kidnapping see it as as surprise adoption!
ogdenz 47 minutes
Go encourage a mob to give him a pasting digits.
ogdenz 8 hours 35 minutes
ogdenz 10 hours 18 minutes
ogdenz 14 hours
@ 9362 - 20.10.19 - 08:59pm More famous for his seed drill But could the original JT stand on

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1clivey1 1 hour 32 minutes
(new) trump/usa.. pinned [2250]
Old one slowing up again,so here we go....
richeet September 2019
(new) Drones [42]
It was reported today that a drone came close to hitting a emergency helicopter at1300 metres . if it wasnt for the pilots reactions this could f been
phallica June 2019
(new) Thoughts 16 [1747]
Old thread is glacial, continue here please.
ogdenz January 2019
(new) Rip Windsor Davies. [16]
Comedy actor Windsor Davies has died. Rip Sergeant Major. Thanks for the laughs.
deusexmachina October 2018
(new) An Act of God [20]
Is that still a thing in insurance cases for not paying out?

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