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phallica June 2019
(new) Thoughts 16 [1747]
Old thread is glacial, continue here please.
phallica July 2017
(new) Birdy!! [53]
It's dat time oh yeeeuhhh. Happy birthday Birdy. party.gif hurray.gif hurray.gif
phallica February 2017
(new) /Politics/ [1147]
Use the current Trump topic for Pol stuff please, two similar topics with legs cluttering up the front page is retarded.
phallica July 2015
(new) Birdy!!! [66]
Margaret, our resident original gangster, took a break from hustling and killing crips to wish you a happy birthday. hurray.gif Happy birthday! dancing.gif dancing.gif
phallica July 2014
(new) Birdy! [64]
Donvik could hardly contain his glee lolll. Happy birthday Birdy, party.gif hope you've a flamin' koala striking roan of a day. fit.gif yeah.gif

* Replies:
phallica 4 hours 45 minutes
Good film.
phallica 2 hours 24 minutes
Have I accidentally set myself on fire nooooo.
phallica 3 hours 16 minutes
@ budgiesmuggler - 19.09.19 - 10:55pm It was a pretty good costume tooHis attention to detail
phallica 3 hours 16 minutes
Nobody actually gives a shit, which is the funny thing.
phallica 3 hours 16 minutes
Ironically, his kind have made fishing into someone's past to judge them by today's hypersensitive standards a thing.

* Favourites:
magist8 June 2019
(new) Sunday lunch (9)
Do you have a traditional roast with the trimings or something lighter lamb for me today
superunknown August 2018
(new) Adult Kids [35]
I'm just wondering if anyone here has any adult kids? I'm curious how often people hear from their adults. Yesterday was the first day ever I didn't h
wickedwitch August 2018
(new) Likes [69]
Out of curiosity do you care about how many people like your comments either be here or facebook twitter wherever? If not why are some so concerned ab
tazdevil September 2017
(new) Hospitality [32]
Okay, so I have this friend who does a lot of travelling for work. He visited US recently, and stayed with people he didn't know at all. He said it's
ogdenz March 2017
(new) Genuinely nice person? [84]
Some famous people come across as a**holes but who do you feel comes across as a genuinely nice person?

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