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richeet September 2019
(new) Conkers (5)
I remember when i was young waiting for conker shells to fall down get a buzz at opening them . Some had 2 the odd 1 had 3 . They came in different sh
richeet September 2019
(new) Drones [42]
It was reported today that a drone came close to hitting a emergency helicopter at1300 metres . if it wasnt for the pilots reactions this could f been
richeet June 2019
(new) Fathers day [23]
What are you getting your dad for fathers day . I dont know what to get mine
richeet March 2019
(new) Dementia [27]
Do you know anybody who has suffered dementia . How can you help them through it
richeet November 2018
(new) Christmas [28]
Do you leave your christmas shopping to the last minute . This year ive already done mine on line cos i dont like all the hastle and rush

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richeet 3 days
richeet October 2019
So who would deliver the mail
richeet September 2019
I presume the same to export to the eu
richeet 6 hours 27 minutes
richeet September 2019
im sorry to hear of your loss gobby . We all love you and all here for you . grandad x

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