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shadow27 1 day
(new) Mixup v 4.5 pinned [235]
Labour MP announces all pregnant women will be jailed for Christmas repost.gif
shadow27 7 days
(new) Prodigits Book Club [137]
hello and welcome, atm i'm reading 'The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch' by Philip K d*ck - In the overcrowded world and cramped space colonies of t
shadow27 8 days
(new) Chair Man [20]
The brave laywer who used a wicker chair to keep at bay the man who allegedly (there is no allegedly about it, the cuunt was caught on camera doing it
shadow27 9 days
(new) Hong Kong [17]
Military intervention is imminent now as Beijing declares the protestors are 'terrorists'. The world is watching.
shadow27 25 days
(new) Things you.. [18]
remembered happening a certain way, but you remembered it wrong.

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shadow27 49 minutes
There is a show here that has three doctors (Charlie Teo being one of them, he is a famous brain surgeon) they are presented with home/traditional re
shadow27 1 day 5 hours
Those goats were all over the hillsides singing.gif when we tried to chase 'em they ran awaaaaaaaaaay
shadow27 1 day 5 hours
Can't afford alcohol this week, or fun.
shadow27 7 hours 48 minutes
Got my music back..
shadow27 7 hours 48 minutes
Bought a new phone after delaying it for like 4-5 years

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geordiequeen30 June 2019
mrfruity April 2019
(new) Thoought I'd [11]
Brave a fart on M6 this morning.Needless t'say it was a wet un.Looks like it gunna be one of them Wiks by looks on it..Shop ay open yet t'get me relie
newt182 June 2019
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [2433]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
jain5j January 2019
(new) granites marbles [19]
I m getting into marble,granite,stone business...wish me luck
mrfruity January 2019
(new) I Rekon [20]
Them Aussies av got the rite idea about avin Xmas in summer. Could be sat on beach or in me garden wi me Speados on now.instead of living room with ra

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