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sisfreak2017 July 2019
(new) In 128 days [96]
Its Christmas watch time fly
sisfreak2017 June 2019
(new) What do you like to be told ? [17]
Hopefully there all nice things. I'm not continuing this any further than to say hello to - Sof dreamy.gif . Your turn
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) Idioms [63]
Add your Idioms and their meaning: For those not familiar with the term idiom . Idioms are often used n every speech
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) Chat Bin [68]
Get in now all visiting Chat members ! now.gif. . nana.gif
sisfreak2017 May 2019
(new) MY Hacked Account Again! [146]
Obviously someone has been having fun again with my account! , Just like on Thursday when they changed my password for a few hours, then strange

* Replies:
sisfreak2017 1 hour 5 minutes
Take the guns off them all! There all fkin idiots ! Plus there all fat fkrs as well ! nana.gif
sisfreak2017 47 minutes
sisfreak2017 1 hour 27 minutes
Some new tapes for his Betamax video recorder.
sisfreak2017 1 hour 27 minutes
A colostomy party. Poor fella must need a newer model by now.
sisfreak2017 1 hour 40 minutes
You Fkrs Need a Civil Wardreamy.gif

* Favourites:
xivanax 27 days
(new) Saturdaze (2)
Wotcha uptae on this gawjus saturday?
eyesore July 2019
(new) Song stuck in head [32]
I can hear this song in my head , kinda like something faithless or sash would do , from that era. It hasn't any, any ideas ?
dan27notts 4 days
(new) Left Wing Kryptonite [465]
Muslim mums protest outsid 30 days
(new) what u watching [126]
right now on tv no matter where in the world you are????
sensible 1 day 13 hours
(new) Depressing weather [834]
It's siling it down here rainy.gif no point even attempting to do my hair. What's weather like where yous are?

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