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sourface 2 days
(new) What was the last thing you watched on YouTube? pinned [665]
Yes I'll wait for theyawn.gif and repost crap yes it's true but an update would be good.
sourface 3 days
sourface 4 days
(new) Rat or Mouse? [25]
Unsure which it is that was brought for me what do you think?
sourface 29 days
(new) Sweets [37]
Your favourite?
sourface May 2019
(new) Thoughts 15.0 pinned [1391]
Fresh post and was asked to post it...Go

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sourface 4 days
@ sisfreak2017 - 17.07.19 - 04:06pm Long tail, usually a rat. fu*king hope not ive got 2 which i think are mice in my wheelie bin and a bird.Shouldnt grumble Pheebs George and m
sourface 4 days
@ obi_jon - 17.07.19 - 04:56pm Could be neithernono.gif My guess would be some kind of vole. Likely a common
sourface 4 days
Thats what ive been told but it wasnt as big as it looks in the pic shes brought heaps most have tiny tails but this im like nowayhopeless.gif im saying
sourface 4 days
@ gt_tdi - 15.07.19 - 10:11am Same.Dont blame you one bit.
sourface 4 hours 49 minutes
@ gt_tdi - 15.07.19 - 03:01pm It's probably safest to stick to using tampons in future.Pmpl.gif

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ogdenz 15 days
sephiroth 4 hours 49 minutes
(new) Thoughts 17 pinned [354]
The one-and-only, the never-ending, the all-encompassing, the reincarnated Thoughts topic. Feel free.. wave.gif as the other has reached its u
straxus March 2019
(new) Pet pix [218]
Let us see your pet pictures oh and how do you add pictures? i would like mikey to help out those that dont know.
sourface May 2019
(new) Thoughts 15.0 pinned [1391]
Fresh post and was asked to post it...Go
mrfruity January 2019
(new) Am on the sick [15]
For 2's sh*te.

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