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tranie 13 days
(new) recycling [53]
do you recycle your rubbish ? do you have special bins for paper, glass, metal etc or are you a throw everything in one rubbish bag and fk them kinda
tranie 14 days
(new) Vertical or horizontal ? [26]
When your using your phone, for wapping. Either here or any other site. do you usually use it vertically or do it turn it horizontal ?
tranie June 2019
(new) summer/winter solstice [49]
so depending where you live, its either the summer or winter solstice today. Has your town/city/village got any festiveties happening to celebrate ?
tranie June 2019
(new) Cold sores [35]
Anyone get cold sores? I used to get them around my lips like normal ppl but for the last few years I been getting them up my nose and on my eyelids w
tranie June 2019
(new) Lost Luggage [26]
Has an airport ever lost your luggage ? how long did it take to get it back, thats IF you got it back. Moscow airport yesterday was fkn crazy. There w

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tranie 8 hours 33 minutes
@ ladibud - 23.08.19 - 11:21am who the fu*k tries to run away from the police by jumping into a bus lol</
tranie 23 minutes
tranie 1 hour 26 minutes
one would of hoped that the ruskis would of learnt from chernobyl. It seems they havnt sad.gif
tranie 1 hour 3 minutes
The newer space hoppers are pretty crap. So you will have to find some genuine 70s space hoppers
tranie 1 day 8 hours
my smooth talking fingers, wooed mrs T by txt for a few hours before we 1st spoke on the phone nod.gif Im a bit shy when i 1st meet someone, so a few ho

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eyesore 1 day 20 hours
slwnoris 11 days
(new) Motorola e first generation. [19]
Is this phone better than an alcatel pixie 3.5.i got the Motorola today for a pound at the local charity shop, I've charged it, it's not locked as the
obi_jon 14 days
sephiroth July 2019
(new) Prisoner labour [24]
Do you think that penal labour is a good thing or not? Should we allow such a practice in today's age?
wickedwitch July 2019
(new) All sauces [59]
What is the nicest you have had? I like chill and garlictea.gif

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