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tranie 2 days
(new) Flat earth ? [153]
In London there is a lot of graffitti popping up saying ''google'' flat earth, and flat earth society. Just wondering IF the earth did indeed turn out
tranie 9 days
(new) Iphone app made me Gay [24]
a russian man is sueing apple for 1 million roubles, because an app he downloaded made him gay. The man thought he was downloading a bitcoin app. Inst
tranie 10 days
(new) The Lions Den [15]
Some nutter in new york, climbed over the wall into the lions enclosure, at Brooklyn Zoo. She stood there dancing and tauting a nasty looking lion, un
tranie 11 days
(new) D.I.Y ? [36]
do you DIY ? or do you pay someone that knows what they are doing ?. Our kitchen mixer tap hose has suddenly sprung a leak, i bought a new one off eba
tranie 29 days
(new) Lost Luggage [27]
Has an airport ever lost your luggage ? how long did it take to get it back, thats IF you got it back. Moscow airport yesterday was fkn crazy. There w

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tranie 3 hours 31 minutes
What's your team digits scunny united ?
tranie 17 hours
If the jockish goalie hadn't of been standing there admiring the skill he would of saved that nod.gif
tranie 17 hours
I doubt he will get stuck down for it. In the grand scheme of things trying to kiss someone is not that bad. Maybe probation a fine and sign the n0nce
tranie 2 hours 4 minutes
I always end up with a few pieces left over
tranie 2 hours 38 minutes

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9362 4 days
(new) Extinction rebellion [340]
So for 3 days now this bunch of left wing hippy morons and their deluded followers have caused chaos in London by blocking bridges and glueing themsel
mrfruity 9 days
(new) It's Happy Friday Agen [31]
Payday.So whats everyone spending there hard earned cash on the wikend?.
slwnoris September 2019
(new) short lived super groups. [36]
We are the boys that make all the noise, chas hodges, Phil lynott, Roy wood, and on the drums bev beven.and yes they could make a lot of noise.
slwnoris September 2019
(new) Christmas films [98]
True Christmas starts on the 10th of September. So it's beginning to look like Christmas.
1clivey1 25 days
(new) uk politics pinned [1927]
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