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trunking 15 hours
(new) Word Association pinned [3666]
Waiting.gif I might as well! Version three point 0. Word: START!
trunking 26 days
(new) Everything Russia [48]
Where we can post all that is to do with Russia. Question: If Putin were to leave will the negative global political dispensation towards Russia subside? Or will someone similar, or worse, take his place?
trunking August 2019
(new) Weird Dreams Repository [53]
This is the right place to record all those seriously messed up dreams you had the night before!
trunking January 2019
(new) Quit your job [24]
If you were able to quit your current job and the associated life attached to it so you can sell umbrellas on the beach instead, will you do it? Pr
trunking January 2019
(new) Bar Activities [34]
Which bar games/ 'sports' do you partake in? Billiards? Darts? Karaoke? Various card games? Foosball? Other?

* Replies:
trunking March 2019
@ warded - 13.02.19 - 06:26pm Even my surname is a -nen proudI first became accustomed to Finn
trunking February 2019
Tabasco sauce is a good.gif fave lately. I add it to a lot of foods.
trunking February 2019
@ lilypop - 12.02.19 - 05:04am Cheese and Banana on toastHad mince on toast yesterday. Not ba
trunking February 2019
Craving a beef stew atmo! Drool.gif
trunking 15 hours

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mintpal February 2019
(new) Your favorite food? [38]
I like lasagne lick.gif. Good food makes you feel better
okeyukaa February 2019
(new) Nigeria Presidential Election [22]
Atiku Buhari . who will you vote for?
slwnoris February 2019
(new) Elizabeth glinka [16]
On the Sunday politics in the London Region, I think she the double of trashy. Maybe it's the lady herself.
tazdevil January 2019
(new) Negative friend [106]
Forgive me for the long post, but I need some advice about a friend of mine. So about 10 years ago (now this is where it gets long lol) I met t
dan27notts August 2019
(new) Left Wing Kryptonite [465]
Muslim mums protest outsid

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